Help conserve the Valley’s supply of Transit Books by ordering only what is needed. Since the total inventory of Transit Books must last until the production of the next edition, the amount of your order may be reduced at the discretion of Valley Metro. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Transit Books are mailed to Arizona residents only (one book per household). Out-of-state visitors are encouraged to download the current issue of the Transit Book or use the Online Trip Planner to access transit information.

Trip Reduction Program employers may order other printed materials on the Marketing Materials Order Form.

Transit Book
Transit System Map Transit System Map
Local, Express/RAPID, LINK, Valley Metro Rail and transit centers. Effective April 24, 2017 to October 22, 2017. (Please note that transit materials are mailed in-state only).
April 24, 2017 Transit Book April 24, 2017 Transit Book
The Valley Metro Transit Book contains all the maps and schedules you need to get around. Each Transit Book contains one System Map. Effective April 24, 2017 to October 22, 2017.
Single Transit Book
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